Thursday, July 5, 2012

Truck runs over cyclist on Kasoa road-Ghana

It is always gory and very unsightly on the road carnnages in Ghana.One would wish such does not happen but some are actually unavoidable and equally so some are man-caused.Overspeeding cannot be left out.Again reckless driving is vehemently mentioned.
It is in the  light of this, that  CERT GHANA will wish to train more volunteers who can give first aid on accident victims with the provided  and accepted skill.
'A truck has run over a cyclist at Shoprite near the Tollbooth on the Kasoa road.

Eyewitnesses told's Dorcas Efe Mensah that the cyclist tried to avoid a trotro bus parked inappropriately by the roadside but the bus suddenly moved pushing him into the inner lane.

The truck with Registration Number CR 465 11, could not avoid the young man, said to be in his early twenties.' myjoyonline.                                                  

yakubu h.yakubu
CERT Ghana